Forrest, Cressy & James, LLC is a litigation firm that is client-centered and results-oriented.

We are committed to protecting your rights and defending your future.


Whether you have been injured at work or in an accident, it is crucial to select representation who will prioritize client-centered advocacy and focus on achieving the greatest potential outcome for your case. Every case is unique, and outcomes will vary depending on your individual circumstances. At Forrest, Cressy & James, LLC, our attorneys will fight to help you obtain the best result possible for your claim.


If you are facing criminal charges, you must act to protect yourself immediately. Criminal backgrounds create lifelong limitations and expose you to future insecurities. As the criminal body of law is ever-evolving, our experience allows us to recognize improprieties and possible defenses in your case. We act aggressively in order to identify if your rights were violated. As a result of thorough preparation, often your matters can be resolved without a trial.


The attorneys at Forrest, Cressy & James, LLC have experience in all civil and criminal matters.  We have built our reputation as tough effective advocates by taking on difficult high profile cases. Read here about the counselors at Forrest, Cressy & James, LLC in the news.


When you hire an attorney from Forrest, Cressy & James, LLC you know that you have a group of counselors who are committed to your case.  Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds who bring different strengths in collaboration, so your case gets the attention it deserves.


If you have been charged with a criminal offense for the first time, we understand the experience can be daunting. We understand the stresses and anxiety that a potential criminal record can bring. We use our experience to work hard on your behalf to ensure that you do not obtain a criminal record where possible.
If you need representation on a civil matter, we approach each case by first prioritizing the needs and goals of the person who has suffered injury or economic harm because of the actions of another person. We then offer advice about the best path forward based on our extensive knowledge and experience in these fields of law and are in-step with you until your case gets the best available resolution.


We put a premium on the accessibility of our attorneys and support staff. We are committed to providing you with support every step of the way and will ensure that all of your phone calls, emails or texts get returned within 1 business day. If your matter is urgent- for example, if you or your loved one has just been arrested- someone is available to assist you with advice or a bail hearing 24 hours a day.


Engaging with the courts in any way, whether it be a civil or criminal matter, can be extremely stressful and impact you in every element of you and your family’s life. We take great pride in on treating our clients with professionalism, courtesy, and compassion.


Every jurisdiction and every courthouse has its own way of doing things.  The lawyers of Forrest, Cressy & James, LLC have represented our clients throughout southern Louisiana, including the parishes of Orleans, Jefferson, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, St. Charles, St. Mary, St. Martinville, East Baton Rouge, Lafourche, Washington, and beyond.