There are times when injury or economic losses are incurred because of the actions of a large company or organization, and you feel like it would be impossible to seek justice on your own. The law accounts for this situation and offers a couple of options that are designed to seek justice — class action and mass torts cases. You may have heard one or both of these terms and may be confused about what they mean. Our class action attorneys at Forrest, Cressy & James, LLC are here to help you understand these concepts, and choose the best path forward. Call today for a case evaluation (504) 605-0777.

What is the Difference Between Class Action and Mass Tort Claims?

Class Action: A class-action lawsuit is brought on by multiple people who have been harmed by the same company, product, person or other entity. Class-action lawsuits allow individuals who would otherwise be unable to afford legal counsel to share in the cost of an attorney with a group of other people. A class-action lawsuit consolidates several related lawsuits into one. An individual may join a class action lawsuit if the individual’s injuries and legal issues are substantially similar to the other class members. Legal fees and other expenses are pulled from the total recovery, which is generally shared amongst the class members. This type of case often is pursued when the type of harm experienced is primarily financial rather than for personal injuries.

Mass Tort: Mass torts refer to the filing of many separate lawsuits by individual plaintiffs who have similar injuries. Defendants may be the same or offer similar products or services in each lawsuit, but can be different as well. Plaintiffs can combine resources for investigation and discovery; however, recoveries are separate and specific to each individual plaintiff in each case, such as injuries from dangerous prescription drugs or defective products.

Both of these types of cases allow people who have been injured by powerful companies with deep pockets to share attorneys and resources, thereby giving them equal footing with those companies in the legal process.

Our Louisiana injury attorneys at Forrest, Cressy & James, LLC can explain more about how each of these types of cases works, the benefits, and which one might be appropriate for you. Then we’ll work tirelessly seeking justice and accountability for your losses. We’re dedicated to representing your best interests and fighting for the best possible outcome for you. Use our online contact form to find out how we can help you.